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Our three main areas are tax law, business deals and implementation of foreign companies and complex litigation cases.

1 - Tax law

Our main expertise is in individual tax law issues. This includes particular skills in dealing with wealth tax issues, tax treaties for the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evation, European tax law and fiscal peculiarities of various foreign countries. The firm is used to advice before the issues occur but in case of a tax audit we know very well how to deal with the tax authorities. If necessary, we can handle a case litigation against the tax authorities. We also implement a lot of schemes to transfer individual or business assets to heirs.

2 - Business deals

We will help you in all the negotiation process, the legal topics including all contracts linked to the deal, the tax and social consequences of the sale or the purchase of a company or any merger and acquisition deal, partnership contracts, creation of subsidiaries, transformation of companies, capital increase, or restructuration of a group of companies.

We help to comply with all requirements linked to the legal obligations of a company including real estate companies and we help international investors both if they want to buy or implement a company or buy real estate.

3 - Litigation

We defend clients in particularly complex cases.



We never disclose the names of our clients as most of them are very well known.

However, we can provide some examples of missions we have done.

Gift of a company

Regarding the fact a new tax law is applicable, we proceeded to the transfer of an industrial company to the heirs for a tax cost of less than five per cent of the company value.

Sales and acquisitions of real estate assets

We assisted many clients in complex real estate sales and acquisitions both in Paris and in the French Riviera, solving all tax issues linked to the fact that one or both of the parties were not French taxpayers.

International transfer of company

We have proceeded to the transformation of a Netherlands BV owner of a real estate building in France into an EEIG and to the transfer of this EEIG from Netherlands to France without tax costs.